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Rightlander and Boylesports partner up for advertising compliance in the UK

In a landscape of heightened regulatory oversight in the UK, bookmaker Boylesports has partnered with marketing compliance supplier Rightlander to ensure peace of mind that all online content is in line with advertising compliance regulations in the UK.

Boylesports, an Irish sports gambling platform, partnered up with Rightlander to handle its digital advertising content. This strategic partnership will see Rightlander’s cutting-edge website monitoring technology identify and correct content that doesn’t comply with the UK advertising regulations in place.

Rightlander’s product has expanded rapidly since its launch in 2018 into multiple territories around the world and is used by advertisers, affiliate networks and regulators to better aid their affiliate compliance responsibilities. The brand’s adherence to advertising compliance has been a core value from the start, but now they are partnering up with Boylesports to better aid affiliate marketers in their advertising compliance in the UK.

The Online Safety Bill

This is of particular relevance since the Online Safety Bill, which was recently approved by the House of Lords in the UK, has been on the tip of every marketer’s tongue. The bill covers a lot of new regulations that will soon become law, which cover everything from algorithms leading to hateful content to celebrity endorsements. These laws, depending on who you talk to, either keep children safe online or impede free speech.

More than anything, people are just wondering how regulating the internet, practically, will look and there are plenty of questions about the application and enforcement of such regulations, especially across global markets.

However, whatever you think of the Online Safety Bill, once it is put into law, marketers in the digital space will have to adhere to it. Rightlander’s state-of-the-art affiliate and advertising compliance platform, which scans affiliate content to better allow advertisers to identify content that might not meet compliance across different territories, Boylsesports can better identify and fix its advertising content for the internet. By scanning content from within the target market, the product can find conditions that are defined by clients or regulators and send alerts when it finds content that breaches those conditions.

What do the officials have to say about it?

This advancement, as well as the regulations proposed by the EU and the Digital Services Act, which primarily aims to create a set of online advertising standards across EU countries, is on the mind of Boylesports.

“In an environment where the UK market is facing increased regulatory scrutiny, it becomes essential for us to take a more comprehensive approach to monitoring our online advertising efforts,” said Boylesports Head of Performance Marketing, Dimitrios Armadoros.

“We find that Rightlander’s offering aligns closely with our specific needs and expectations and will equip us with the tools we need to navigate this complex regulatory landscape effectively.”

“We are delighted to partner with an industry leader like Boylesports,” said Rightlander Sales Director, Jonathan Elkin. “This partnership not only validates the effectiveness of our platform but also underscores our commitment to helping brands maintain the highest levels of advertising compliance.”


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