Retail Search for Ecommerce Sites Introduced by Google

Google technology has provided a new tool for e-commerce that will simplify the market and bring better quality results.  

Retail search announced that ‘Google Cloud’, which is a tool designed to give retailers the potential of Google’s search engine in their own realm. What makes the software so unique is that it embodies the context and user intent of google technologies. The software aims to help businesses improve on-site search and overall experience on the platform.  

Why do businesses need this?  

Online user experience is one of the most crucial parts of success for any business in today’s ever-evolving world, especially an eCommerce business. Through studies, it has been estimated that a bad online user experience can cost U.S retailers up to $300 billion every year, this came from 76% of consumers stating that they have not completed a sale due to the website capabilities.  

This is where Google comes into play. Their algorithms are always updated to ensure that they better understand user intent and the context behind those decisions. Implementing this within retail search has allowed the company to gain an incredible advantage that many of its competitors could not afford. In turn, this will create a better customer experience and all but guarantees that they are making money at the end of the tunnel.  

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