New iGaming Division Launched by ESE Entertainment

Canadian esports business ESE Entertainment has decided to focus its expansion plans towards providing products and services for online gaming companies. To ensure that they are providing the quality of service needed, they have even opened up a full division dedicated to this.  

Normally tipped as one of the best technology providers for video gaming and esports companies, ESE Entertainment, which are based in Vancouver, have decided to dip their hands into this side of the market. This decision came about as the online gaming market in Canada is rapidly expanding, take for example – Ontario officially entering the market.  

Famous operators made sure they were one of the first names for the market opening such as bet365, theScore, and Rivalry to name a few.  

CEO of ESE Entertainment, Konrad Wasiela has been officially named as the person in charge of this division, which will focus heavily on promoting the company’s esports and video gaming market.  

He said: ‘’ “The announcement that Canada will launch a new iGaming market in Ontario is ground-breaking, this opens an opportunity that cannot be ignored.” 

The market plan is simple. Create strategic partnerships through new hires and advisors. Konrad has the total belief that his company have the infrastructure to be able to handle a job as big as this.  

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