Responsible Gambling Week calls all affiliates to promote safer gambling

Responsible Gambling Week is an industry-wide campaign which is put in place to trigger a national conversation about what it means to gamble responsibly.

This is the third year of the campaign, last years was a great success, with every sector involved, and the #RGWeek18 hashtag generating nearly 20 million impressions, there is hope that this will continue to grow.

The future success and sustainability of the gambling industry depends on how it looks after its customers. This applies to affiliates just as much as it does to operators. For some customers, affiliates are their first point of contact with gambling operators.

So, if affiliates are to continue to have a significant role in the industry, they must develop clear policies in relation to social responsibility and safer gambling, taking the issue as seriously as if they were themselves licence holders.

Through getting involved in Responsible Gambling Week, which will be taking part from November 7 to 13, it’s seen as a great opportunity for affiliates to communicate safer gambling messages to their customers. 

Responsible Gambling Week sees the entire industry coming together to create a conversation with customers at every gambling venue and gambling site, with topics being covered around the tools which are available in order to help them gamble responsibly all year round and also how operators can promote safer gambling. 

Although it is not just about a single week of activity; it is also known to reflect the work operators are doing all year round to promote safer gambling.

John Hagan, chairman of the Industry Group For Responsible Gambling has been involved in the industry for more than 20 years and has seen a significant change in that time; operators are now seen to be promoting a culture of responsible gambling throughout their organisations, “affiliates must take the same approach,” he said.

“Whenever they are marketing gambling products, they must act with that sense of social responsibility.

“Operators also need to be confident that they can trust them to communicate with customers in the same way as when they are talking them directly.”

It is the operator’s licence which is at stake. It is a shared responsibility and any affiliate who thinks social responsibility is nothing to do with them is in for a rude shock. Operators will simply stop working with them. The future success of any company depends on treating customers fairly. 

Affiliates are an important part of the gambling eco system, and for some customers, they are the face of the gambling industry.

To become a supporter of Responsible Gambling Week, click here, where  you can find out how to register, which will give you access to resources, information and assets. You can also contribute to the campaign by following @RGWeek19 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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