Red Queen Casino partners with Rightlander to strengthen affiliate compliance

Red Queen Casino has detailed that it’s taking steps to improve its affiliate compliance and responsible gambling measures, unveiling a fresh agreement with Rightlander.

Using its affiliate landing page trackers, the operator is to benefit from technology that scans any website, and builds a list of all the locations where Red Queen Casino is mentioned or linked to.

Following each link to its final destination on the website, the tracker takes a screenshot and stores it in a personalised library, allowing the brand, operated by Easi Games Ltd in the UK, to discover affiliate websites linking to its brand that it is currently unaware of.

This will also have a further benefit of allowing Red Queen Casino to ensure that affiliates sending traffic to its site, are doing so in a compliant and responsible manner.

Ian Sims, Rightlander founder, commented: “We are thrilled to have signed another big-name casino brand to our platform, and look forward to assisting Red Queen Casino in its efforts to improve affiliate compliance.

“By using our technology, Red Queen Casino can prove to the UK Gambling Commission and other regulators around the world that it is doing everything it can to ensure the affiliates sending traffic to the site are doing so in a responsible way.”

Rightlander’s technology will also allow the brand to set “compliance violation events”, which will automatically notify the operator whenever they occur on any of the affiliate websites that link to its brand.

Christopher Reid, Casino Manager at Easi Games, added: “Regulators in the UK market, and beyond, have made it clear that operators are ultimately responsible for the affiliates marketing their brands on their behalf.

“Here at Easi Games, we want to ensure our affiliate partners are working in a responsible and compliant way, and the Rightlander platform is the most effective, and efficient, way for us to monitor the content they are publishing for our Red Queen Casino brand, and that of the coming brands to our platform.”

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