Raketech lands consumer finance acquisition

Online affiliate and content marketing company Raketech has acquired a number of Norwegian affiliate assets within consumer finance, including the flagship Norskkreditt.no product, with the purchase price amounting to €500,000.
Raketech CEO Michael Holmberg commented: “The acquired assets are in line with our acquisition strategy, where we buy high-quality products that we can continue to optimise.
“This is a strategic acquisition that strengthens our position within financial services, which is a very interesting vertical for us to continue growing in. We see clear synergies between our current finance products for the Swedish market and these new Norwegian assets, both in terms of traffic quality and partner relationships.”
This acquisition is the latest development for a firm that recorded across-the-board growth for the third quarter of 2018, including a 42.3% revenue increase, 28.6% organic growth and an adjusted EBITDA increase of 45.2% compared to the year previous.
Holmberg added: “With this foundation, we are not only well-equipped to grow our existing products in Raketech Core, but we are also in an excellent position to innovate and roll out new products from Raketech Lab (new innovative services built in-house or via partnerships).”
“We are well prepared for the upcoming regulation of the Swedish gaming market and I am confident that Raketech will maintain a strong position in Sweden when regulation comes into effect on 1 January 2019. We have re-negotiated terms with our partners and secured new partnerships with large gaming operators entering the Swedish market for the first time.”

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