RAiG Social Audit

RAiG releases social responsibility audit details

Responsible Affiliates in Gaming (RAiG) has released information related to its social responsibility audit.

The paper, which was revealed today, covers multiple topics. These are:

  • The purpose of the audit;
  • Frequency;
  • Cost;
  • Framework;
  • Practical arrangements;
  • The auditor’s report;
  • The review process.
Completing a key task

The social responsibility audit is imperative in how RAiG operates, so finishing the pilot has been a priority. Sarah Ramanauskas, Senior Partner at Gambling Integrity, conducted the audits. She said:

“The companies involved couldn’t have been more cooperative or committed to the process. I am pleased that they all passed.

“We look forward to working with RAiG in the future, in the belief that the annual social responsibility audits will provide assurances about compliance. They’ll also serve as a platform for sharing best practices and enhancing consumer protection standards.”

More is being considered 

The audit forms just one part of RAiG’s overall programme. In a bid to boost responsibility standards amongst iGaming affiliates further, other areas are now under consideration too. These are:

  • Marketing suppression for self-excluded customers;
  • Staff training;
  • Safer gambling information;
  • Improving coordination with gambling operators;
  • Transparency.

A document highlighting good practices will be published soon. This will be available to both members and non-members.

Clive Hawkswood, RAiG’s Chairman, said: “As with all of RAiG’s work, things will evolve over time. However, setting up the auditing process and getting piloted marks a huge step forward.

“With the pilot successfully completed and audit arrangements now in place, we can concentrate on improving standards within the affiliate sector so that it plays its part… in creating a safer gambling environment for consumers.”

Hawkswood added: “Against this background, we are now actively encouraging other affiliates to apply for membership and expect to make further announcements on that front shortly.”

What is RAiG? 

Founded in 2019, RAiG is an independent organisation which aims to help raise responsibility standards within affiliate marketing. It consists of three founding members: Better Collective, Oddschecker and Racing Post.

Audits for all members will be conducted annually by a third party, which an obligatory condition of membership.

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