launched by AmAff targeting US players

Leading developer of media sites, content and apps serving the US, AmAff has launched a new site. will offer analysis, trends, insights and news on the growing population of US sports bettors. Set up by an experienced team, this site is set to be a full service media hub.

A wealth of experience

For to really succeed in a crowded and growing market, it needs to be headed up by a team that has tons of experience in this industry. Patrick Everson, an individual who has held various content roles in the industry, has been named the Head of Content for

Everson said: “ “In this rapidly expanding space, what I love most is bringing that sports betting experience straight to you, like you’re on the floor of a Vegas sportsbook with me. Taking you behind the counter to tell you where the action is, why the numbers are moving, and more. The idea is simply this: to provide entertaining and informative content that is actionable — info you can then put to use as a sports betting consumer. With the great team Props has assembled, that’s the goal every day.”

Multi-stage expansion

The launch of this new brand is just one part of a multi-stage expansion strategy for AmAff. Other team members in the leadership team include the Founder of AmAff Chris Grove, Managing Editor Matt Jacobs and Associate Managing Editor Spencer Limbach. Alec Driscoll, Pearl Gallagher and Sean Hurley will all play key roles in the team.

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