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Pride Month kicks off with a first for TikTok: Visionary Voices

TikTok is launching a range of events both physical and virtual for Pride, the most high profile of which is designed to spotlight the biggest in the LGBTQ+ communities: Visionary Voices.

The Pride Visionary Voices List is made up of individual creators and small businesses that are making their mark on the LGBTQ+ community with their presence on TikTok. The list is split into categories that cover Creators, Industry Disruptors, and Small-Owned Businesses. According to TikTok, the honourees reflect backgrounds in beauty, education, food, fashion, dance, music, activism and more.

The honorees will be featured in a series of spotlights on the app throughout June, with names like Octopusslover8, known for acting out skits of absurd situations, and The Old Gays, known for their fun dance content. A series of non-profit organisations aiding LGBTQ+ causes and a Pride playlist will also be spotlighted on the app. Additionally, there will be a Pride on LIVE, a creator-led panel streamed on June 15th.

But the big in-person event is TikTok’s first-ever Pride Creator Ball in LA. However, details of that are very sparse, and perhaps are on an invite-only basis…?

A representative at TikTok said: “We believe that people should be able to connect with one another, express themselves authentically and thrive on the platform. And we know that fostering an inclusive space requires prioritizing the needs of our community. We strive to protect our LGBTQIA+ community on TikTok by taking action.”

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