PrestaShop has announced official partnership with TradeDoubler

Leading ecommerce provider PrestaShop has announced that it will begin an official partnership with Grow by TradeDoubler. This partnership will enable merchants to natively plug into the extensive affiliate network. This bold move is causing a stir in the industry as competitors look on.

Strengthening the position of TradeDoubler

This latest partnership is set to strengthen TradeDoubler’s current position as a leader in the affiliate marketing industry. As a result, PrestaShop clients will have the ability to work with TradeDoubler in a simple, non-technical interface within their PrestaShop systems.

According to the official PR from TradeDoubler, this will bring the power of affiliate marketing to more than 300,000 PrestaShop merchants.

We spoke with Seth Ruben, Managing Director of Grow by TradeDoubler about this latest partnership.

Seth said: “This partnership brings the full power of an established affiliate network to small businesses who, for the first time ever, are now able to fully manage their affiliate programs from within their eCommerce admin interfaces! PrestaShop clients don’t require any technical or specialist resources to start their programs and can do so in as little as 3 minutes; by installing the Grow app from the PrestaShop addons marketplace and filling in a few details.”

He added: “We’re really excited about what this partnership brings to the industry and for small businesses wanting to get into affiliate marketing.”

What does this mean?

This partnership is being considered a very bold move from a network provider as they will be making their offering more accessible to smaller retail brands to engage affiliate marketing to grow their business.

Considering that the affiliate channel is the only digital channel that continues to show signs of growth, it’s commendable that the big networks are making plans to provide industry leading tech and products that can suit smaller business owner or brand budgets.

Both TradeDoubler and PrestaShop are brands to watch in this space.

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