Affiliate Drive Time – Performance = Potential – Interference

How do you ensure your affiliate team keeps up performance when you’re working remotely across multiple time zones?

This week’s Affiliate Drive Time was inspired by conversations within our own organisation as we continue to work remotely with our clients and our affiliate account management team. It was sparked by a quote I recently read around business coaching and management which is a subject I’m really interested in right now as our own team is growing and as I continue to teach our AMPP performance management course to new affiliate marketing executives and managers.

“ Performance cannot be sustained when there is no learning or enjoyment.” 

This made me think about some of the craziness we’ve had to navigate due to COVID which has disrupted our usual work methods and management methods for partner relationships to grow. It’s made me think about how we can invest in our people to afford them time to learn and take the enjoyment out of relationship building which is a vital part of our program management strategies that enable scale.

This week’s drive time talks about creating time to FLOW. To allow your people to set time aside from doing the work that grows your affiliate program to find time to build their “flow” and keep learning how digital marketing is changing. It’s incredibly important to allow affiliate managers time to think, to search, to look around them to see what’s happening in the landscape and to get creative about how they will continue to meet their targets and support your business growth.

Acknowledging our pace of change

The truth is that the digital world is moving a lot faster than it ever has before. More people are online and are learning about the world around them with a click of a button. I believe that we need to acknowledge our pace of change and have time to learn more before doing more. Things aren’t as they used to be and so we need to reflect in order to perform to our highest possible standards.

How does stress and time management factor into this?

Often, performance can also be affected by external factors that are causing stress. This issue can be highlighted even further when team members are working across different time zones and there is no main hub.

As affiliate team leaders, we need to make sure that the team is managing its time correctly and not allowing for stress to take over. By taking the time to nurture your staff and think about their current situation, you can help to avoid this kind of issue from getting in the way.

Find time to top up your mental FLOW

If you want to ensure your team keeps up its performance around the world, you need to find time to top up your mental FLOW and pass this on. By allocating an hour per week to look a bit closer at the world around you and allowing others to do the same, you can learn more about the direction you should take your business in.

Additionally, this time can help us to reflect and reduce any issues regarding stress over time.

Don’t forget that Affiliate Drive Time will be back next week with some more tips and tricks. You can subscribe to our YouTube channel so you never miss an episode.


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