PlayUp hit with fine as NSW regulator continues compliance crackdown

New South Wales authorities have continued their crack down on operators in breach of gambling laws by issuing a AUD$7,500 (£4,035/€4,705/$5,246) fine to PlayUp.
The sanction reemphasises the need for both affiliates and operators across multiple jurisdictions to ensure that they are mindful of state laws when it comes to advertising and promoting gambling products.
The gambling operator was recently found to have illegally targeted a self-excluded former customer, despite the individual having closed their account two years previously as well as opting out from all future communications from the operator.
The individual in question submitted a complaint to the state regulator, Liquor & Gaming NSW, after being offered free bonus bets in an email from PlayUp.
Under the state’s gaming laws, it is illegal for an operator to push the participation in any gambling activity, including the opening of an account, when the audience target is not already a registered user.
Magistrate Georgina Darcy emphasised that the targeted individual was a vulnerable person, supporting the argument that the bonus offers could be considered an inducement to gamble from the operator.
“If someone chooses to exclude themselves from the services of a betting operator, sending them any promotional material as an inducement is clearly unacceptable,” Liquor & Gaming NSW director of compliance operations Sean Goodchild said.
“Self-exclusion systems help reduce the risk of problem gambling, so operators need to be vigilant in ensuring that they adequately maintain any self-exclusion data on their customers to avoid situations where vulnerable people are targeted with gambling induceme
PlayUp were sanctioned with a $7500 fine alongside $3000 in incurred legal costs. The operator is not the first to be punished by Liquor & Gaming NSW, after PointsBet, Sportschamps and Sportsbet have all been hit with fines in recent months for not complying with state regulation.

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