Playtech announces first product to hit the Apple App Store

Gambling technology company, Playtech has announced that it will be deploying its native-first product line to support operators, while preparing for changes to Apple’s App Store guidelines on 3 September.

Apples decision to update clause 4.7 in its guidelines in order to specifically include real money gambling, lottery, charitable donation and digital commerce apps, which has forced a large number of operators to update their content to be iOS native, or instead risk being removed from the App Store in just less than a month.

Playtech has been offering customers a native casino app for three years, but a sharp increase has been seen in interest surrounding native products ever since the change in guidelines was announced in June.

The native-first product line includes a selection of full native gaming content and natively compiled games. This will begin to allow customers the ability to be able to build native apps which are iOS compatible through using a Software Development Kit (SDK), but without the cost and risk of extensive investment in software developers.

Peter Mares, CTO of Playtech Games Innovation Labs, said: “These changes have created yet another Apple-shaped hoop for operators to jump through. Luckily, we have been in the game for a very long time and understand that in order to succeed, we need to provide a solution that is guaranteed to help our licensees continue operating as usual.

“To this end, we’re pleased to be able to support our customers in their preparation with a core, native-first product line, including a selection of fully native gaming content and natively compiled games.”

The Playtech Casino app also includes all the back-end functionality which is usually offered to operators, including integration with Playtech’s Engagement 360 platform, compatibility with third party gamification tools, and also the BetBuddy Responsible Gambling tool.

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