‘Are YOU playing Gala Bingo?’: UK bingo brand launches new ad campaign

GalaBingo.com, the UK’s leading online bingo brand, has launched a new advertising campaign entitled ‘Are YOU playing Gala Bingo?’ Developed by Newcastle-based creative agency Cravens, it follows on from the success of Gala’s ‘When Happy Happens’ campaign.

The new campaign covers key brand messaging, as well as seasonal and promotional messages, in a series of advertising campaigns. It’s debut advert, Fly Away for £50k, has been broadcast across UK TV, radio, billboards and social platforms, as well as on the GalaBingo.com site, since 27th August.

The Fly Away for £50k ad dives into the home of Gala’s customers, alongside a mariachi band, maracas, sun, sand and Speedos, with the brand new campaign slogan: ‘Are you playing Gala Bingo?’.

The new strapline is an evolution of GalaBingo.com’s ‘Where Happy Happens’ advertising message. While previous ads highlighted the world of fun that can be had at GalaBingo.com, this new ad creative heads into the homes of the Gala Bingo customers to show that when you play at GalaBingo.com, Gala Bingo comes to you.

Sarah McGibney, Gala Brand Director, said: “The creative launched on 27 August across TV, radio, billboards, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), VIP, social channels and on our website, so it should be impossible to avoid our new campaign ‘are you playing Gala Bingo?’

“The campaign has been created to make us standout from the competition and act as a vehicle to demonstrate the amazing partnerships and products we have while making our audience laugh a little.”

Fly Away for £50k is a promotion running from 27th August – 7th October, giving 50 individuals the chance to win an all-inclusive holiday in Spain, as well as entry to play in Gala’s big bingo game in Gibraltar, with a cash pot prize of £50k.

To find out more about the campaign and promotion, visit: https://www.galabingo.com/promotions/fly-away-for-50k

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