Pinterest – Top 5 ways to market your offers effectively

When it comes to social channels that you can use to market your affiliate business, Facebook and Twitter might be the first that come to mind. However, Pinterest is often an underestimated channel that is actually used by more than 70 million users around the world. In fact, according to WishPond, 70% of Pinterest users claim to use the site to get inspiration for purchases.

To help you leverage Pinterest and market your offers effectively, we’ve gathered some of our best tips and strategies.

Focus on Pinterest SEO

Did you know that you can maximise your SEO on Pinterest? Yes, keywords matter on this channel and filling in important information on your page can also make a huge difference. If you want to market your offers effectively, you need to use Pinboard names that reflect your keywords and include links to your site. Optimise your company name and work on that SEO to drive traffic.

Use coupons

Coupon boards are becoming extremely popular on Pinterest so if you are using this channel, you need to make use of these. All you need to do is run an offer through your site and set it up visually using your coupon board. The board would then link back to the offer on your site – easy! Search for some coupon boards to get inspiration.

Create attractive graphics

Pinterest is all about visual marketing and so you need to get creative. If you are simply pushing your offers with incorrectly sized images or stock photographs, you are wasting your time. Use tools like Canva to create images that represent your brand and the products or services that you are selling. Your offers should be eye-catching and good creative content can help you to achieve that.

Use rich pins

Are you using rich pins on your Pinterest posts? Pinterest regularly adds new features to its channel to give you the best possible experience so why aren’t you using them? Rich pins allow you to add more details about your pins including availability, prices and so much more. You can choose from movie pins, recipe pins and product pins, depending on what you are offering. Use these pins to give your customers more information and market your offers effectively.

Try different ads

There are some excellent advertising tools within Pinterest that you could be using to market your offers better. For example, promoted pins are similar to Facebook boosted posts and they can show up in a user’s feed. You can also make use of video pin ads and one-tap pins which will take your users directly to your website. Promoted app pins can be useful if you have an app that you want users to download.

Get started…

It is easier than you think to market your offers on Pinterest so don’t wait around. Optimise your content for SEO and research your keywords properly. You should also ensure that your creative content stands out and that you are setting some budget aside for promoted pins.

Give this a try today and market your offers effectively.

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