Pinterest for iGaming

Pinterest for iGaming – is this a channel worth pursuing?

As an affiliate, you will probably focus your social media on the major platforms of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. However, it can be worth considering other avenues that may also prove to be fruitful. Could you use a platform like Pinterest for iGaming content?

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social media platform built on image sharing. Users can “pin” images they discover that they like, and can categorise these pins into boards of different genres. These can be viewed by other users of the site, who might also decide to follow the board to see when new content is added.

Though it was originally just images and GIFs allowed on the site, there has been a video player function since 2016.

Pinterest’s users

In terms of numbers, Pinterest has approximately 400 million monthly users. Demographically, these tend to fit towards a younger audience and one that is more female.

This could be one of the first reasons why you consider using Pinterest for iGaming marketing. One always has to consider their target demographic for their content so you can better align your content to meet their needs and expectations. A more general approach is only going to create a confusing message that will alienate some of your target audience rather than appeal to them.

You need to make sure that you are always producing content that speaks to this target audience. If you know that you are trying to appeal to those within Pinterest’s main demographics, the perfect place to reach out to them is through this platform.

Dynamic imagery

Pinterest is an image-sharing platform, and for this reason it is the perfect place for some of the eye-catching content that is produced for iGaming. If you are considering Pinterest for iGaming marketing, it is likely because you already have a bank of interesting images and dynamic videos that you can place onto the platform.

The boards feature also makes it very easy to arrange this content as you need it. If you work with multiple sites, you could have a board for each of them. Likewise, you could split your content into talking about different games or promotions, and could create a new board with the launch of a big product. This is a very flexible platform and allows for organisation at a level of preciseness not yet present in other social media networks such as Facebook or Instagram.

A channel worth pursuing?

If you as an affiliate are very content-led, you might be able to gain some good traffic out of the use of Pinterest for iGaming. Marketing on this platform will be different than on other social medias, but it could result in some amazing results for your brand when used correctly. The power of image-led marketing can produce some strong dividends for affiliates willing to put the work in to create detailed and unique content.

Learn how to stand out amongst the other board, nail your links, and make sure that all of your actions on Pinterest are fully compliant with advertising guidelines.

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