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Pinterest debuts new video content feature

Social media platform Pinterest has announced a partnership with French museum The Louvre, in a move that will see more video content features come to the platform.

Users will have access to an exclusive video series that will take them behind the scenes at the famous art destination, with unique insights into the museum as well as further engagement features.

While online shopping remains Pinterest’s primary focus, the company is looking to capitalize on the popularity of video content that has arisen from the success of platforms like TikTok. Pinterest went on to detail that it is planning to launch a live-streaming feature to boost traffic to and engagement on the platform.

“The goal is to develop an ecosystem of creators, enrich content production and accelerate live streaming on Pinterest. In the coming months, more original programs will be introduced across Pinterest’s core categories such as cooking, travel, decoration, and much more,” Pinterest said.

Live streaming has proved to be an effective tool for ecommerce platforms and can be used to boost user engagement. Last year, Instagram launched a 10-day live-stream shopping event that featured influencers and celebrities documenting their shopping journeys.

Pinterest, which has somewhat fallen by the wayside compared to other social media platforms, appears to be eager to tap into this trend and drive more users to the website.

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