Pinnacle adds Dota 2 to its esports tournament

Betting operator Pinnacle has added the popular online multiplayer game Dota 2 to its esports tournament, the Pinnacle Cup, which is being hosted in collaboration with Relog Media.

The tournament will launch on May 5th. It will begin with 10 teams and a round-robin stage, before being followed by a double elimination best of three round. After these matches, all the remaining players will participate in a playoff with the teams who survived the round-robin stage.

Delivering the ultimate esports betting experience

A total prize pool of £100,000 is up for grabs, with the top prize being £50,000. Some of the very best Dota 2 teams will participate in this esports tournament, including the Hellbear Smashers, Spirit, and Extremum.

“After a fantastic start to the Pinnacle Cup, we are delighted to carry on this series with Relog Media, expanding further into the esports ecosystem,” announced CEO Paris Smith.

“The heart of what we do at Pinnacle is engaging with the esports community, and with the introduction of The Pinnacle Cup – Dota we plan to deepen that connection with the wider esports audience.”

Pre-game and living betting will be available

The operator hopes to deliver the very best esports betting content for fans of Dota 2. The tournament will feature pre-game and live betting with low margin odds to optimise value for customers. The streaming platform Twitch will also be integrated to improve the overall viewing experience.

“As passionate Dota 2 players at Relog Media, it’s an absolute pleasure to dive into the Dota 2 community with Pinnacle alongside us,” said the CEO of Relog Media, Milutin Pecic.

He continued: “We hope this is just the start of our offerings to the competitive teams across the globe. Pinnacle’s track record and success in Esports so far made it an easy decision for us to go forwards. We also had a ton of fun in the CSGO edition of The Pinnacle Cup. A proud day for us all here at Relog Media.”

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