PGA tour to implement sports betting into telecast

The PGA tour, the main organiser of professional golf tours in North America, is going to implement BetMGM into their live television broadcasts, allowing spectators to bet on the outcome of golfing events as they happen.

For the first time, during all four rounds of the Golf CJ Cup, live betting odds will be broadcast to viewers alongside the event. This tour is set to take place on the 15th and 16th of October in Shadow Creek, Las Vegas, Nevada. You can catch the event on the PGA golf channel.

Adding to the spectator experience

For those who aren’t aware already, BetMGM is an online sports betting software (more commonly referred to as a sportsbook). It came about from a collaboration between the companies MGM Resorts and GVC Holdings.

The sportsbook will have its odds shown twice every hour whilst the PGA tour is being broadcast. The BetMGM leaderboard will also be displayed – showing which odds are currently open for betting on. Spectators can specifically wager on the outcome of head-to-head matchups, top finishes, winning margins, hole-in-ones, wire-to-wire winners and so on.

An innovative partnership

Following on from the announcement, the chief marketing officer of BetBGM, Matt Prevost, said this: “Being the first sports betting platform to integrate betting odds into a live PGA Tour telecast speaks to the innovative nature of our partnership and we look forward to continuing to move the needle and work closely with the Tour to produce great content.”

Norb Gambuzza, the PGA tour senior vice president, also commented: “The focus of our sports betting partnerships is to engage fans in new and creative ways… we look forward to learning from this first-time test in a live telecast.”

Both spokespersons are hopeful this trial will be a success.

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