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How you can future proof your marketing strategy for lockdown 2.0

Things are all a bit uncertain these days. Here in the UK we are facing another potential lockdown so how will you manage your marketing strategy if we lose out on sports or other iGaming events?

Nobody can predict the future and managing your marketing strategy can be a bit tough under these circumstances. It’s important to prepare for the possibility that there could be another few month’s with further restrictions – and that this is something completely out of our control. Affiliate marketing doesn’t rely on local restrictions but international impacts can affect your performance too so how will you pivot and change to accommodate local market changes?

Here are some tips as to how you can proof your marketing strategy in the wake of lockdown 2.0

Use the social media mediums available to you

Visibility is key in any kind of business.  During lockdowns human interactions are of course no longer possible, which means we need to make use of the available social media channels to remain connected with our partners. We have to get the word out about what we have to offer and maintain visibility in terms of generating new leads.  Of course, there are the traditional social media outlets such as Facebook and LinkedIn, however, many businesses have seen traction by venturing into TikTok, Twitch and other communication channels to build momentum during these uncertain times.  We also have new features launching across Facebook and Instagram. Instagram have launched Insta reels which is similar to TikTok and is constantly evolving thinking about how you can incorporate this into your content strategy is a really good idea to build viral branding.  Taking time to boost your personal social media presence will also help you stay visible as much as you can.

Live stream content

There are also streaming options such as StreamYard where you can live stream Q&A’s about your product, your program or service and also invite industry experts along to be part of the wider conversation topics you wish to discuss. That way you are educating and informing rather than just selling all the time.  When you are live streaming content rather than simply uploading a pre-recorded video content, you are also taking advantage of the push notification functionality to get your posts noticed more and can engage with your audience or affiliate partners live in real time.

Host your own events

Although you may not be able to attend massive conferences and events to network and educate affiliates about your program, there is no reason why you can’t host your own virtual events on a smaller scale. Bring back the learning lunches and virtual product launches by hosting more personalised events in smaller teams. Here are some of the idea’s that worked well for us during lock down and helped keep our affiliate community together:

  • Create a theme every month
  • Host or play a game
  • Launch a competition
  • Provide entertainment
  • Encourage open discussions of what is working and what’s not
  • Share knowledge about digital trends and insights your brand is experiencing

By creating a reason for people to network with you virtually, you can enhance your relationships with meet existing affiliate partners, and potentially meet new ones.

Lockdown 2.0, of course, could come with new challenges, but it does provide new opportunities too.  Make sure you are proactive in cultivating those relationships, and follow some of our tips to keep connecting and getting new business done!


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