Paynura: The new standard in iGaming affiliate networks

What started as a small scale affiliate project is now gaining more and more attention among professional gaming affiliates. Could it be that the ultimate affiliate solution is coming from an unexpected place? It is not from a giant company but from a former master affiliate that tackled the ongoing challenge of simplifying the affiliate business’s management.

Affiliates want a management tool that will simplify their day to day work. Paynura is a new affiliate network that has what affiliates were dreaming of. A smooth management system, access to exclusive affiliate deals, and personal support to all affiliates. If you are in poker, casino, sportsbook, and e-wallets, with Paynura, you can manage all promotions and payments from one account.

Understanding what affiliates need

Affiliates, especially in iGaming, promote several gaming brands simultaneously. The daily routine is usually cumbersome, as affiliates have to log in to several affiliate programs to check the daily statistics on users, deposits and overall performance.

Paynura is changing the way the affiliates manage their promotions. From one account, affiliates promote different brands and oversee their performance. Paynura integrates various tracking and reporting systems and brings them to a joint platform. With this in mind, Paynura is a truly time-saving solution. It takes all those extensive reporting sheets and turns them into an easy-to-read dashboard with performance charts and growth indicators.

Exclusive affiliate deals and instant payments

Everyone wants to have a competitive advantage, especially in the affiliate business. “Our network doesn’t have an endless list of brands. Rather we offer a selection of exclusive deals that place our affiliates one step ahead of its competition,” explained Mark, the head affiliate manager at Paynura. “We also got rid of the old fashioned payments on the 10th of the month. With us, affiliates can hold their commission in their account or request an immediate payout.”

Skrill and Neteller affiliate program

Paynura is an official Skrill and Neteller affiliate program provider, currently one of the biggest, with many lucrative benefits. For example, Paynura affiliates and their tagged accounts are fast-tracked for Skrill and Neteller VIP upgrades. Affiliates can also set up a 3-tier system by inviting sub-affiliates on all their promotions.

Take a look, this is Paynura. Open a free account.

Having a great product is the best marketing strategy

The reason why Paynura is growing at a rapid speed is entirely thanks to the word of mouth marketing. “We wanted to push all our resources into the affiliate product because we knew we are only going to succeed if the product is unbeatable. If affiliates are satisfied with the product and service, then others will follow. And this is exactly what is happening at the moment. Affiliates are excited about the versatile management tool and top offers, so they bring new members.”

As a result, affiliates spend less time cross-checking data, searching for competitive offers, and arranging payments. For us, Paynura is the discovery of the year.

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