Page Experience update delayed by Google

Google was expected to rollout their new Page Experience update in the next month. Though this was supposed to be gradual, this has now been delayed until mid-June.

On top of this, Google wants to ensure that the rollout is still slow and gradual. Most sites might not notice anything until the end of August, and even then this should provide minimal changes on their site. The aim is to add this feature slowly and gradually.

Why are Google making these changes?

Google is always searching for new ways that it can highlight and refine its ranking systems. It obviously wants to make sure that the content on the first page of the search engine’s results match with the searcher’s inquiry, and that the content on those pages will be of value to them.

Page experience is just one of the many factors that they take into consideration when trying to rank their pages properly. Sites that wish to receive a good amount of traffic from Google’s search engine must offer a good page experience as part of their package.

What are some of the changes coming?

The first major change that will be coming in the update targets the Top Stories carousel on the Google Search page. It will be updated to include all types of news content so long as they meet the policies of Google News.

They will also no longer attach the AMP badge icon to show AMP content. In addition to this, signed exchanges, or SXG, will be supported on Google Search on all web pages.

What do affiliates need to know about this change?

Obviously, this is going to bring about some changes to how affiliates manage their pages. Though you might not notice many changes to your site at all, you need to make sure that you are optimising it to offer the best page experience. This is just one area of expertise, but since it is one that Google is currently improving, it makes it a great time for you to look into making changes yourself.

To do this, Google is introducing a Page Experience report as part of their existing Core Web Vitals report. This will help affiliates and other site managers to monitor some of the many signals of good page experiences. To receive a good rating, pages must:

  • Have a good status in the Core Web Vitals report overall
  • Use HTTPS
  • Have good security
  • Be compatible with mobile users, as detailed in the Mobile Usability Report
  • Have no issues with Ad Experience

The report will allow affiliates to monitor their page experience over time, so they are able to see their performance and make changes as needed. You will also be allowed to look into the different components of page experience for additional insights, and to see which particular area is weakest for you.

Affiliates need to be aware of changes such as these and how they might affect their ranking on Google. Though delays to the rollout have been made, they are coming and affiliates need to be prepared to meet the new criteria presented.

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