Optimove urges operators to focus on year-round player engagement

According to recent figures, customer retention specialist, Optimove have suggested that that operators should focus upon growing their year-round player engagement figures.

The data points out that the vast majority of punters mainly engage in betting activity during major sporting events, while Optimove suggest that ‘the average number of bettors drops to 60 per cent following the finals’.

Asaf Cohen, VP Revenue at Optimove, commented on the figures: “Lowering the ratio of one-timers should be a key approach in every company’s marketing strategy. Operators aim to get the next deposit made. This can be achieved by engaging players with relevant content and offers routinely.

“For big event players, we’d recommend cross-sale campaigns for other sports products, such as the Wimbledon tennis tournament, which traditionally starts right after the Champions League and NBA seasons end, to keep players engaged.”

67 per cent of bets placed on final games, were placed via mobile phones, with only 15 per cent of these punters betting on early stages of tournaments. Figures based on betting on mobile phones have grown massively in recent years, with these figures supporting that.

The research has revealed that the average bet amount during a final game is 38 per cent higher, compared to bets placed on earlier stages of tournaments.

Furthermore, a player who placed a bet on the finals in one year is 26 per cent more likely to place a bet again on the following year.

Cohen continued: “In order to retain and engage with finals players, encourage them to use mobile. Also prompt and incentivize live bets.

“The key is to keep players engaged and interested, so after finals are over is when the real marketing work begins. If done properly, operators will be able to crack seasonality and keep their player perpetually active.”

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