Onload Media launches first real-money online gaming advertisement network

The Onload Media group has launched the first real-money online gaming ad network.

The network offers suppliers real-money online casino games and online casino operators increased revenue which is not subject to existing taxes and levies, while simultaneously promoting and supporting gambling addiction charities.

Onload Media places video advertisements in the 15-second window during which games are loading. This then provides entertainment for the player with targeting brand advertising and seamless experience.

Justin Chamberlain, CEO and Founder of Onload Media said: “All our partners and customers – online casino operators, game suppliers, advertisers and media buyers – told us they needed this network.

“They all want to increase revenue to offset some of the costs of delivering high-quality casino content, or, for the advertisers, improve return on ad spend by engaging new, rigorously verified, over-18 audiences.

“Between the development costs for a continuous pipeline of new games and the PoC tax, suppliers of real-money online games have also been squeezed. Our network improves their bottom line without incurring any new overheads.”

Richard Parboo, Founder and CEO of Lancelot Media London, added: “Advertisers and media buyers have the time-old need to replenish their audiences. Many have been failed by other ad networks, which routinely blacklist all real money online sites, despite the value of the unique, diverse verified 18+ market they serve.”

As Onload also announced its IAB UK membership, Jon Mew, IAB UK CEO, commented: “We’re delighted to welcome Onload Media as an IAB UK member from the outset of its journey and look forward to working with the team to help create a sustainable and responsible future for digital advertising.”

IAB UK members include leading brands, media owners, agencies, publishers and ad tech companies. Onload Media now look forward to working with the IAB and sharing its latest developments with IAB members.

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