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Norsk Tipping to Implement Tighter Regulation Rules 

Norsk Tipping, the Norwegian gambling monopoly has shown “great success” in terms of its ability to guide players from unlicensed sites onto Norsk Tipping sites, according to the Norwegian regulator, Lotteri-og Stiftelsestilsynet (Lotteritilsynet). However, the regulator has called for a continued tightening of rules, such as the introduction of time limits.

Lotteritilsynet examined the level at which Norsk Tipping meets its requirements as a monopoly and was reportedly extremely satisfied with the findings. There was an increase in player numbers and turnover in the last year, as well as a 12% increase in the turnover on non-lottery games, showing direct competition with unlicensed operators.

Unlicensed sites were shown to have lost both players and turnover, suggesting a successful channelling from licensed operators as well as successful regulation attempts from the Norwegian authorities.

In terms of responsible gambling, Lotteritilsynet said that “Norsk Tipping has shown that they work well when it comes to preventing gambling problems and that it takes important steps towards players who have already developed a problematic relationship with gambling.”

The regulator has also proposed a further tightening of rules for high-risk games such as a mandatory break after one hour of playtime and a recording of the number of games offered in addition to an explanation for this figure.

As well as this, the operator has been advised to collaborate with Norsk Rikstoto, a horse racing monopoly “to create similar and relevant information about the warning signs and health damage related to excessive gambling”.

Finally, Lotteritilsynet also stated that “Norsk Tipping should reduce the size of jackpot winnings in Kongkasino to avoid high prizes triggering dangerous play.”

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