5 things you need to do before ELEVATE

The ELEVATE Summit is right around the corner! On the 14th and 15th of June, you don’t want to do anything except get ready for this jam-packed discussion of affiliate marketing!

We have prepared panels, Masterclasses, and more – and we know you won’t want to miss a single second. However, there are a few things that you need to do as we polish up the finer details on our end. If you are getting ready to attend ELEVATE – here are 5 things you need to do first!


If you aren’t yet registered, get that changed! This is your LAST CHANCE to snap up a ticket to one of the hottest affiliate events of the summer! Grab your all-access ticket now – you only have a couple of days left to do so!

This is your golden ticket into every panel and each of the Masterclasses – plus all the networking opportunities and resources. We have a goldmine of information for the digital marketer here. Forget to register and you will miss out! Some of the best speakers in the world of digital marketing will be sharing their insights. Our panels will also dig deep into some of the biggest trends and issues that affiliate marketers could face in 2022 and beyond. Do you really want to miss out?

Prep your profile

The ELEVATE Summit is a 100% virtual event, which means that you need to make sure that you are fully prepped and ready to network and put yourself out there in the digital space. Once you are registered and fully signed up, head to our event platform and turn on your networking.

Make sure to build an engaging profile introducing yourself and sharing why you chose to attend the Summit! Remember, you won’t be the only one reaching out for leads – there could be some people who are interested in connecting with you too!

Whether you agree to just grab a chat in one of the networking breaks between our scheduled events or you want to arrange a meeting for after the Summit has finished, the first connection could be made here, with your profile. Make sure that it includes all the information that someone might want to know about you!

Head to the virtual expo and learning centre

Just because everything is online does not mean that there are no opportunities to head out and learn more. We have put together several places where you can learn and develop your own knowledge of the industry.

Up first is the virtual expo! Head to the stalls in our exhibition centre to learn more from the brands that are exhibiting with us. You can learn about new tech, find suppliers, and even connect with new publishers. This is the best place to build your affiliate relationships!

Make sure you also have a peek in our virtual learning centre too! White papers, webinars, case studies – if you can think of it, we have included it! If you want to build on your own knowledge and insight, there could be a resource to help you out here.

Discover what’s trending and how to ELEVATE your performance

The world of affiliate marketing can change in a flash. What is trending one day might be completely outdated the next, and digital marketers need to be prepared to shake things up as much as possible in order to get ahead of our competitors.

Our panels have been designed to do exactly this. We have chosen speakers who we know are going to bring the freshest insights into the industry, with tips that you won’t be able to pick up anywhere else!

If you are searching for a way to jump ahead of your competition, we can offer it to you. We can offer tips that are ready for you to put into practice and ELEVATE the performance of your program immediately!

Meet experts top of their game in their field

All of our panel speakers are at the top of their game in their field. There is no one better to be learning from – they have a wealth of real-world experience and insight that they are prepared to share with you!

Don’t forget about our Masterclasses too! Each of our experts leading these classes has been hand-picked to create these exclusive panels. They will be passing on their unique analysis of their given subject and real, workable solutions that you will be able to apply to your own workings.

What are you waiting for? If you haven’t yet picked up your ticket to the ELEVATE Summit, now is your last chance to do so! Grab your £179+VAT all-access pass, and get ready to learn all you can about the wonderful world of digital marketing. We will see you there!

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