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New TikTok audio options for businesses

As part of its efforts to make the platform ever more attractive to brands, video-sharing app TikTok has released a collection of new audio clips and sound effects that businesses can use in their videos.

The collection is aptly named Sounds for Business, and will offer brands a selection of sound clips absolutely free of charge. The collection will include things like music, voice-overs, and sound effects, many of which will relate to current TikTok trends.

Sounds for Business can be accessed via the TikTok Commercial Music Library, with the assets applicable across both organic and paid-for content. The feature has been launched in collaboration with Universal Music Production subsidiary Elias Audio Branding.

While TikTok may be a visual platform, sound is arguably just as important. Using the correct audio with your video content can help further engage viewers, ensuring they don’t swipe past your video and that they’ll remember the message you deliver.

Speaking about the announcement, a spokesperson said: “This collection of custom sounds is designed as templates for easy content creation. With a mix of music, voice-over, and other directional sound cues, the sounds are made to help businesses of all sizes create quick, engaging, and creative content for the TikTok community.”

Last month, TikTok announced details of a new partnership with Mercedes-Benz.

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