new layout for Twitter

New Layout for Twitter with TikTok-like format

Twitter has taken inspiration from TikTok and is testing a new format for its Explore page. The new layout consists of a ‘Trending’ page – where users can choose between ‘Personalised’ feeds or ‘Top Trends’ – and a ‘For You feed, much like TikTok’s feature with the same name.

This new ‘For You’ feed matches content to your viewing habits based on popularity and your interests. This content is displayed in a very similar way to TikTok, with full-screen scrolling mainly consisting of video content, although text tweets are still featured.

This new layout seems to mirror the evolving consumption habits of users, as well as provide Twitter with more information from each user about their interests and their content consumption habits.

TikTok’s algorithm works by gaining direct feedback on every post a user sees due to the full-screen display, which has proven to be a massive success. Twitter is following this format by separating posts into a single tweet per frame display, which could help to improve Twitter’s algorithm and recommendations.

Twitter began testing in December of last year, and is slowly being expanded to more users, but is not yet widely available.

Twitter spoke about the testing process: “We’re continuing to test a revamped, more personalised Explore page to make it easier for you to unwind, find new interests, and see what’s happening.”

The social media giant has said that so far this is a limited experiment, but it is hoped that more insight will be provided through more usage of the new layout.


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