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New incentives added to Twitter Blue, including Twitter Gold for early access

The Twitter Blue saga continues, now with updated incentives to convince users to subscribe to Elon Musks’ “verification process”.

Twitter Blue has expanded into Saudi Arabia, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Spain, and there are additional incentives to get people to sign up. The first of which is revenue shares.

Musk tweeted: “Starting today [February 3rd], Twitter will share ad revenue with creators for ads that appear in their reply threads.”

“To be eligible, the account must be a subscriber to Twitter Blue verified.”

So, if you generate enough buzz and discussion with your tweets and other content, you will be compensated with ad revenue, as long as you are subscribed to Twitter Blue.

There was also a hint from Musk to offer access to the Twitter API, which was controversially pulled last week. Musk said: “I guess we could give all verified users access to the API for posts like this.”

Perhaps more of a musing than a solid incentive.

And then there is Twitter Gold, which is pretty much Twitter Blue for businesses, complete with the same gaping problem that there isn’t a verification process and you are simply paying for authority, which isn’t very authoritative.

And the price has people talking. A Twitter email was leaked that said: “If you’d like to subscribe, Verified for Organisations if $1,000 per month, and $50 per additional affiliated handle per month within one month of free affiliations.”

Not ideal for small businesses, to say the least.

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