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New features are coming to Facebook’s Creator Studio

Facebook is marking their new year with additional features added to its Creator Studio designed to make content creation and editing a lot easier for brands.

What are the features?

Creators will now have the option to preview their Stories for video uploads and a new means of previewing how your content will look in-stream.

Plus, users will be able to post a preview of their content to their audience. The Stories highlight option will take a 20-second clip from your video content and post it to your Facebook and Instagram story for your audience to watch and go looking for the full video.

Another feature is the ability to see your posts in the timeline view. You will be able to see where your posts will appear on users’ feeds. This will allow affiliate marketers to aim for as high as possible on the Facebook feed, the same way you would for Google SEO.

On top of that, there will be a range of small changes made to the editing software in the Creator Studio, which will allow for making changes within the platform before and after a piece of content is posted.

How can we use these features?

These features added to Facebook’s Creator Studio could make cross-posting across Meta’s platforms a lot easier. Affiliate marketing managers can use the features added to the Creator Studio to post quality content across Facebook and Instagram. Stories are becoming increasingly important to a marketing campaign, with their temporary nature giving an illusion of exclusivity, affiliate marketers can promote offers and sales on the new format.

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