Day 1

Are you ready to AMPLIFY? What did you learn at Day 1 of the Affiverse Summit?

The anticipation has built, the wait is over, and the day is finally gone!

Today was Day 1 of the Affiverse Summit!

Everything kicked off today with panel discussions, networking events, and more! From 09:00 GMT onwards we dived into the world of all things affiliate marketing and we hope that you were able to gain countless insights and strategies you can take to your marketing right now!

Let’s have a quick refresher of everything that went down at the Affiverse Summit on Day 1!

Panels packed with insight

The agenda for Day 1 was packed with four panels that gave all of us plenty of insight and expert tips that will help drive results for our affiliate marketing goals in 2022. Each one was delivered by experts in that niche, so you really had the opportunity to gain the latest tips and tricks from those in the know!

Let’s recap some of the main points we learned at each of Day 1’s panels. Up first we went to Looking to the Future – Amplifying Partner Growth in 2022 from 09:45 to 10:45 GMT.

  • Traditional media is crucial, so focus on alignment with branding and content teams and finding the right partners and publishers
  • Fully educate your affiliate management team so they can analyse data and put it to best use
  • Educate the brands you are working with on affiliate marketing, and look to simplifying your own platform

From 11:00 to 12:00 GMT we had Amplifying your SEO & Link Building Strategy.

  • Link building will still be relevant in 2022, but needs to be optimised for industry and location
  • Speak with your affiliates to determine what their keyword usage will be and how it can benefit you

We hope you didn’t miss Amplifying Marketing Strategies with Automation & AI at 13:00 to 14:00 GMT.

  • Automation is still a tricky area, but tools are getting better every day and it provides a service other paths can’t
  • Will AIs replace humans? In the future, yes – but for now a human element is still needed
  • Make sure you fully understand any and all automation tools you add to your operations and the value they bring

Finally, from 14:15 to 15:15 GMT we had Ecommerce & Retail – Loyalty + Cashback – Driving Incremental Value for your Business.

  • Cashback and incentives are great for brand awareness and building loyalty
  • Engagement is as important a metric as ever, and brands must listen to their customers’ online experience and seek ways they can make the buyer decision easier to manage

Expert speakers

We gathered together some of this industry’s brightest and best to share their knowledge with you. Whether they took part in one of our panels or led our paid Masterclasses, you can guarantee that they are going to deliver secrets that you won’t find anywhere else!

From Sarah Bundy to Wade Tonkin to Choots Humphries and more, today you were able to learn from the best of the best.

Exhibitors and sponsors

In between our panels, we hope that you headed over to the Expo area to take a look through the booths created by our exhibitors and sponsors. Your trip to the expo area is the perfect time to connect with these brands and find out what they have to offer!

We’d also like to take this moment to thank our sponsors – CJImpactRefersionTipaltiPartnerize for their help making this event the best it can possibly be!

Masterclasses galore

We rounded off Day 1 with Masterclasses taught by the best experts in these fields. They were able to give us so many tips and tricks to put to use – let’s quickly review what they showed us!

The first Masterclass was Mastering the Art of Social Selling via LinkedIn, taken by Dean Seddon, founder & CEO of Maverrik.

  • Consistency is key with LinkedIn – post regularly and as early as possible and nurture your relationships. You must create new habits to create new results.
  • Prime your market, and work out the structures needed to make viewers stop and engage with your content

We hope you didn’t miss Matt Thomas, Founder of The C-Skool, as he guided us through Content Marketing that Connects your Brand to your Customers or Affiliates.

  • Create intentional, in-demand content that forces readers to stop and think
  • Content must be clear, consistent, and creative

Of course, we were excited to hear from Affiverse’s CEO and founder Lee-Ann Johnstone as she led her masterclass – How to Scale your Affiliate Program Profitably and Face the Year Ahead with Focus!

  • Embrace the “No guts, no glory” mindset – remember that this is a marathon and not a sprint and you will need to network hard, be innovative, and keep it real at all times
  • Stand out from the crowd, invest in your program, and learn and understand growing markets and demographics like Gen Z

Finally, we had Amplify your Social Media Engagement and Organic Audience Reach with Tactics that Help “Stop the Scroll” from Sharon McFarlane, director of Digital Footprints.

  • Be sociable and responsive to build valued connections and engagement
  • Make your brand “Instagrammable” with carousels, hashtags, Reels, and consistent posts and organic growth

Couldn’t grab tickets? We’ve got you covered!

The response to the Affiverse Summit has been phenomenal, but some still missed out on the chance to register for this event.

Don’t worry though, if you register your interest in the Affiverse ELEVATE Summit in June, we will send you all the highlights from our AMPLIFY Summit! Get registered and get ready, we will be showing you everything you need to do to ELEVATE your performance!

For now, however, it is time to AMPLIFY!

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