new COVID-19 lockdown

New COVID-19 lockdown prompts fresh warnings from UKGC

The UK Gambling Commission has once again urged its licensees to focus on responsible gambling as England heads into its new COVID-19 lockdown. Due to the new restrictions that have been put in place, there are concerns about the rise in problem gambling that could occur among players.

The new lockdown is set to run from November 5 to December 2, with aims to slow the spread of COVID-19 and to help protect the vulnerable as Britain heads firmly into the winter months.

Many land-based operators such as betting shops and casinos have had to close their doors after being deemed non-essential by the new restrictions. Inevitably, this then pushes customer activity online.

Due to this, the UKGC has urged its operators to ensure that suitable measures are in place to protect customers from gambling-related harm.

A similar statement was issued by the Commission when the first lockdown came about earlier in 2020. Here, operators were encouraged to restrict bonus offers, increase customer interactions, and put a halt on reverse withdrawals.

Once again, operators are being called on to ensure that their marketing is responsible. COVID-19 and the lockdown are not permitted to be used as promotion for gambling in any way, for both operators and their affiliates.

Though the new COVID-19 lockdown is impacting the lives of UK citizens and the gambling industry as a whole, these reaffirmed measures from the UKGC should help operators, affiliates, and players navigate the next few months safely.

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