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Killer Black Friday marketing tips for affiliates

2020 hasn’t been an easy year for marketing teams with many having to throw out their strategies and start from scratch. However, the pandemic has also brought key marketing opportunities for some, depending on the industry involved. Black Friday is just around the corner and now is the time to consider how to utilise common holidays and consumer offers like this to update your marketing plans.

Below, we offer some killer tips that you could consider:

Gather the best offers (in your opinion)

Brands like to push deals online and it is often down to who can shout the loudest that gets seen and heard. As an affiliate, you will probably have some great offers and deals to promote, alongside any deals that you decide to set up for your clients yourself. You could create a a Black Friday styled landing page that is fully optimised to pick up on some of the common search terms that this capitalises on.

Focus on keywords like “best Black Friday offers” to gain that uplift and traction. A comparison table might also work in this case. Show your traffic the best deals and don’t forget to include your affiliate links.

Use push notifications to better engage customers on site

As we already mentioned, you’ll be competing against a lot of extra noise during these busier periods so you need to think outside the box. Sure you can use social media and other direct traffic sources to push your site traffic but don’t forget about re-targeting and push notifications to upsell fast style short term offers.

When you send ads directly to users’ devices, you can get feedback instantly. Just make sure that you include all of the important information in there to get their attention. Plus always make sure you’re collecting data or sending messages the right way with GDPR rules in check.

Be authentic with your copy 

This year, there will be a larger focus on online sales and customers will be looking for the best deals and offers and games to spend their time and focus on. Black Friday marks the beginning of the big shopping period in the calendar year and so for many additional incentives will influence their decisions when choosing what brand to engage with.

Get inventive with your content , be authentic in your recommendations, take time to consider why players should take the offers you have live on your site. Look to outline smaller insightful opportunities that most people wouldn’t even think to add to standard games reviews. The more attractive and thoughtful your recommendations appear; the more likely players will take up your personalised recommended offers.

Don’t be shy of heavy (targeted) promotion

Black Friday is an extremely profitable day for many and so you need to maximise this in your marketing strategy to benefit at least a few weeks in the run up. Promote your offers in any way that you can and do a big push right at the end to really drive that traffic forward to convert. Use your mailing list, post to Facebook groups and use social media  to build community engagement for your recommendations if you can.

Go all in. Don’t go at this half-heartedly as a niche campaign you could miss out if you don’t commit to the event completely. Black Friday is just three weeks away so tighten up your strategy and put measures in place now for maximum results.

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