New cash out solution offered by NSoft

Operators using the NSoft sportsbook platform will soon be able to offer players the opportunity to cash out thanks to a new feature added by the software provider. The cash out feature is being delivered as part of the provider’s In-Play Betting MTS turnkey solution.

Cash out a ticket early

The cash out feature is by no means new as some operators have been offering this on their sportsbooks for quite some time. However, those using the NSoft sportsbook platform will now be able to offer players a new tool that is extremely effective.

Made in real-time, the cash out offer allows players to calculate how much they can receive if they aren’t willing to let the bet play out. While it comes with some risks, players typically engage with this feature as it helps them to receive some of their stake back.

Encourages positive engagement

This cash out feature should be viewed as a positive improvement for any operators using the NSoft platform. In the past, it was reported that cashing out can help to increase player engagement and turnover over time.

Players will be able to check if their ticket is eligible for cash out using the mobile app or web interface provided by the operator. They can then make the decision if they feel that it is necessary.

NSoft is the preferred partner of popular sports betting brand Sportradar, amongst other big operators. For anyone in this space, it might be worth looking a bit closer at this new feature to see what kind of impact it can have on player engagement.

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