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Navigating the return to normal – how will affiliates manage the next few months?

The next few months are going to be crucial for everyone around the world who has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. As more and more of countries begin to return to normal, affiliates might notice changes in their demand and supply of volume and traffic across different jurisdictions. Here are some tips to help affiliates navigate their way through this crucial time.

Changes across various countries

The return to normal is not going to be a smooth process for all. While some countries are emerging from lockdown and starting live events again, there are others that are closely controlling their restrictions and may even be going back into lockdown as new variants emerge.

It is vital that affiliates watch their chosen markets closely so they know what the situation is at all times. Finding local news reports from the jurisdictions that they work in will be one of the easiest ways to know how things might be changing. The return to normal is likely to be a bumpy road for everyone. Keeping an eye out for changes as they emerge is going to allow affiliates to adjust their campaigns and marketing at a moment’s notice.

Be prepared for jurisdictions at different levels

One key thing to remember about the return to normal is that it is happening at many different paces. Some are emerging much faster than others, so marketing and campaigns are going to be different for these countries compared to some others that affiliates might also be targeting.

This can even be seen inside somewhere like the UK. Each of the devolved nations is handling its own pandemic response, so marketing that an affiliate would create for an English audience might not be applicable to someone from Scotland.

Changing traffic

The return to normal is also going to bring with it some clear differences in supply and demand. Emerging from lockdown is bringing a return to live events, and it is likely that we will see a boom in marketing and promotions to celebrate this.

Sports betting affiliates, in particular, might be creating campaigns to target football fans as it would appear that fans will be able to attend the UEFA EURO 2020 games. This flurry of interest is likely to lead back to an increase in demand for deals and other opportunities that sports betting affiliates might be able to offer.

Likewise, many online sites may want to keep momentum going for their deals and opportunities. Therefore, there may be some chances for affiliates to drive traffic to them. There is likely to be a wide range of places for affiliates to investigate.

As we move towards a return to normal, it is important that affiliates look closely at where their traffic is going, and the current situation in their jurisdictions. There is likely to be a lot of rapid changes in the next few months, and affiliates need to be on the ball if they are going to be able to drive traffic to the right place.

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