AI Marketing Manager Natalie Lees: "We want to make affiliate marketing accessible and simple for all"

Ahead of next week’s London Affiliate Conference (LAC), we sit down with our Marketing Manager Natalie Lees to discuss what attendees can expect from AI at the two-day event. We also look at how the business has progressed since last year’s LAC and find out what plans are in place to ensure continued growth throughout 2019.
Affiverse: At last year’s LAC, Affiverse was still very much in its infancy. How has the business progressed over the past twelve months?
Natalie Lees: Over the past twelve months we have seen the team double in size, our Affiliate Bootcamp events are now bigger than ever (two days) and this March we will be including a live Affiliate Business Coaching Workshop – an industry first!
Our website traffic has more than doubled and we are a Google News Authoritative site for affiliate marketing, as we publish more educational articles and speak with an array of digital thought leaders in the affiliate industry.
We also launched our affiliate management services so now we can work with operators, from startup to premier level, to help them get better ROI in the affiliate channel. We are already working with some fantastic companies such as Vbet to help strategise their affiliate business for global expansion and look forward to working with many more!
Oh and not to forget our Affiliate Manager Training Academy launched late last year, so every quarter we run live interactive workshops that provide strategic support and training for affiliate managers!
AI: What can affiliates expect when they stop by the AI stand at this year’s LAC?
NL: If they are SUPER quick there may be a few free tickets for affiliates who want to growth hack their business in 2019! You’ll be able to meet our Superhero Affiliate team and hear about some of our new coaching projects, plus take a look at our future events and international business retreats. We may also have a few chilled Red Bulls at the ready to help with the hangovers.
AI: Just a month or so after LAC, AI will be hosting its Affiverse Bootcamp event at Under the Bridge in Chelsea. Why should affiliates seriously be considering signing up to this landmark coaching event?
NL: No other event offers the depth of digital learning that our speakers present. Nor will you find customised affiliate entrepreneurial coaching with practical workshops and tactical learnings to help you keep mind set ready for success.
We’ve got organised networking, an array of suppliers lined up to help you get technical or promotional support for your affiliate business and the opportunity to meet decision makers who can help you get the right commercial deals in place.
We have listened and learnt from our past events from operators and affiliates about what they want and need, and our Bootcamp events reflect this. We believe that content is KING and we know that keeping ahead of digital disruption is important for any affiliate.
AI: AI has also expanded its affiliate management services over the past few months. Why is the AI team ideally suited to provide such a service?  
NL: Lee-Ann has always been a great teacher and mentor, she’s managed international global programs and small startups – always driving revenue growth. After working in the industry for over two decades there’s a lot she can teach.
Our own affiliate team has to complete the advanced training academy before they manage any clients direct. We are situated within the ecosystem of the affiliate community as a media partner, events company and strategic consultancy so we offer a end to end support platform for our clients whether new and starting out, or existing and need a bigger push.
Also sometimes companies biggest need is that they do not know who to connect with for different services – that is where we can help!
AI: Looking ahead to the rest of 2019, what are your hopes and aspirations for AI?
NL: Now that’s an easy question! We want to reach more affiliates, help them get connected, support their business growth and work with operators who want to be bigger and bolder with their affiliate marketing.
As a media site we want to expand our content further and become the number one resource for affiliates to stay ahead of digital disruption, industry news and gain access to expert thought leadership. Out tagline says it all really: we want to make affiliate marketing accessible and simple for all to understand and make more revenue from. ‘We make affiliate marketing, simple’.

  • Email [email protected] to arrange a meeting with Natalie and the rest of our expert affiliate team at LAC. 
  • For more expert insight, book your spot at Affiverse Bootcamp, our exclusive two-day digital accelerator for igaming affiliates.
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