Movember Q+A: Mr Play

Mr Play, the online casino hosts a number of games off which are powered software which belongs to Aspire Global International LTD, a Malta based company which is a fully licensed operator under a Malta Gaming licence.

While hosting a variety of games which appeal to every online gaming audience within the gambling world, Mr Play’s main objective is to ensure that players enjoy themselves and free their minds, at all times. This is why they offer a wide variety of deposit options and fast cash-outs, all of which are user friendly and secure.

With this in mind, it has also been found that Mr Play have been working extremely closely with the Movember charity (this falls in suit with the company’s moustache logo) to raise awareness of responsible gambling and also the horrific things that come hand-in-hand with gambling addiction.

We caught up with Hanan Greenburg, of Mr Play for a chat about business and the charitable causes which the business is promoting.

Affiverse: Would you like to give some background to Mr Play and how you work closely with players to create a more community based feel? 

Hanan Greenburg: “We’re a group of industry veterans with abundant and invaluable experience. We wanted to create something of our own that would stand out and be everything we wanted in an online casino. is our brainchild. It’s been a ton of hard work and also a lot of fun building the brand, and we’re incredibly pleased and proud of the result. 

As for our players, one of our core beliefs dictates that we see our customers first and foremost as people. We always strive to talk to them at eye-level. We use outside-the-box communication and engage them on social media as much as possible, via direct touch, like phone calls and dedicated voice messages. 

Another thing we like to do is offer physical prizes as part of our promotions: trips to exciting places around the globe, tickets to see their favourite artists, things like that. We also recognise the potential in our players as a community, which is why we run special events like Movember, and why we try to educate them about the causes we support.”  

Affiverse: What made you want to work with a charity? Was there an inspiration behind that? 

Hanan Greenburg: Since we’re in the leisure business and we work with people, we saw a chance to influence and inspire our customers to be better, healthier, and happier. It’s also hugely important for us to give back and share some of the good fortune and privilege we’ve been so lucky to enjoy. 

The inspiration came from himself, the moustache in our logo and our slogan that “everyone can grow a beard but not everyone can grow (and pull off) a moustache.” It takes special effort to grow one.

The moustache is of course directly associated with the Movember movement, and this is how we first got the idea to get involved with them. They’re not the only charity we’ve worked with, but they’re definitely the main one we’re focusing on right now.”

Affiverse: Do you believe other platforms should follow suit in what you are doing? 

Hanan Greenburg: Absolutely, I do. We believe that every platform involved in the leisure business must look at its audience and see who you can help and how. I don’t just mean giving money — we encourage our employees to make a difference in other ways, for instance by volunteering.

Beyond helping a cause or helping the people that make up your target audience, this can also help your organisation, help you engage with your employees, lift spirits at the office, boost morale. Many studies back up what we’ve already learnt, that getting involved in charity is good both for your customers and your organisation as well.”

Affiverse: What makes Mr Play different to your competitors?

Hanan Greenburg: First of all, the moustache, the logo — it stands out. Second, the experience that we aim to bring our customers: Basically, we understand that time is the most valuable commodity of all.

When you’re young you have all the time in the world, and then you grow up, and more often than not that means you have all your responsibilities, a set daily routine, and not a lot of time for everything else. So when you join, you can step outside that daily reality for a while.

It all boils down to this: Our players make time for us, expending the valuable resource of time on us, so in exchange we try to give them the most fun, friendly, entertaining, original experience we can.  It’s also important to us to try and bring the fun into our own daily work life as well.  

Which brings me to the team: It’s all about the team. I’ve never seen a more dedicated, talented, passionate group of people. We’re passionate about our work, and this passion underscores everything we do. We have our hearts and minds set on building a big digital brand, and we strongly believe we can get there. 

When it comes to Partners, our affiliate programme, we stand out through what we offer our affiliates. We have dedicated affiliate managers with decades’ worth of experience between them. We draw on all this knowledge and experience in the industry when working with such a massive and varied group of affiliates. 

On top of that, we value the time and effort, thought and planning they invest in us before they even make any money. Our affiliates are individuals and work differently from one another, so we need to make sure that we have the best possible tools to give them, that what we give them is up to date. We also put a lot of focus on being responsive, and we let them know that someone on the other side is always there for them to work with, to ensure that they convert their traffic and get compensated in the best possible way.”

Affiverse: What is planned as we move into the new year? 

Hanan Greenburg: “More charity work of course, and more engaging and rewarding events for the players both on- and offline. We’re looking to employ some guerrilla marketing tactics, and we’re going to enter new markets, add new languages, and adopt new content and new features.

For our affiliate programme we’re looking to add a new vertical to, as well as a new brand to our portfolio. We’ll promote new markets, visit more conferences, and we’ll continue to work closely with our affiliates to get the best possible results for them, because we understand that their success is our success. We plan to introduce more and more affiliates to our lucrative commission plans and continue to smash industry records together.”

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