MitID electronic ID system launched in Denmark

MitID electronic ID system to launch in Denmark

Announcements have been made by Denmark’s Gaming Authority (Spillemyndigheden) in regards to the new national MitID electronic ID project which is set to launch in Denmark on the first of July later this year.

This new project will serve as a replacement for the current online verification solution, NemID, which has been used by the majority of Danish citizens since 2010. It is used for several things, such as logging into online banking, communicating with public authorities as well as providing proof of identity for online services such as online gambling.

Every licence holder will be required by law to make the switch to the new system, MitID, which is an updated version of the system that has been developed in a collaboration between both the public and the private sectors.

The Danish Gaming Authority have stated that operators will be able to use the MitID electronic ID as well as the previous NemID for customer identification for a temporary period. This will last until NemID is phased out, and gives operators time to integrate the alterations required for the new system.

The new identification operation will be required to be used by all online licensed sports betting and online casino operators in Denmark.

The MitID system was initially announced back in June of 2020 and the Spillemyndigheden told game operators to begin preparing for changes to the national identification process.

The system was originally due to launch in May 2021 but experienced severe delays of over 12 months.

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