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MiFinity Launches MiFinity Bonus Site to Enhance Customer Engagement

MiFinity, the fastest-growing e-wallet in the industry, has launched its latest customer engagement initiative, the MiFinity Bonus site. Part of the company’s affiliate programme, the site showcases exclusive deals and offers from MiFinity’s partners across multiple industries, including: travel, Forex, and iGaming.

MiFinity Bonus solves the challenge of standing out and reaching the right audience by providing a platform where customers can easily find their favourite brands’ offers and where brands can reach engaged customers.

Brands with MiFinity as an integrated payment method can showcase their exclusive deals on the site. Offers are continually updated, and customers can access them with just one click. For example, iGaming brands can showcase their latest casino offers, making them available at a click of a button for players to access across different countries and territories.

MiFinity CMO, Paul Gent explained: “The ability to create personalised, relevant and timely campaigns is something all marketers and affiliates need so they can target the right people at the right time. As an e-wallet provider, we can use our platforms to communicate with our partners’ customers and showcase their brands and deals differently. Helping our partners stand out from the crowd, ensuring their messages aren’t lost in someone’s inbox or newsfeed and helping their customers find the content they want to engage with.”

The MiFinity Affiliates team promotes the site through multiple channels, including in-app notifications, social media, email, and SMS, using consumer preferences and transaction history to deliver personalised and timely touchpoints.

A successful year for MiFinity Affiliates

MiFinity Affiliates was launched last year at ICE London 22. Paying the highest commission in the industry, up to 35% revenue commission to its affiliate partners, the affiliate programme has signed up numerous brands.

CEO Paul Kavanagh credits the success of MiFinity Affiliates to its attractive commission rates and the collective experience of its affiliate marketing team. He said:

“Our commission rates are highly attractive, we pay revenue commission on all Transfer To and FX fees and lifetime commissions paid on signups to MiFinity through our affiliates. And we have also built a strong team with years of experience working with brands to drive conversions and revenue. The launch of the MiFinity Bonus site provides us and our partners with another platform for customer engagement: a platform that customers are already actively seeking out and visiting regularly.”

Customer engagement is key

Customer engagement is essential to MiFinity. The company is on a mission to make online payments simple, secure and convenient, and to provide a best-in-class customer experience. MiFinity is live in over 225 countries and territories worldwide, with over 75 integrated payment methods, 17 native currencies, and 20 languages. With a MiFinity eWallet, users can send money globally with low fees and a great customer experience.

MiFinity also offers customers in the EEA and UK a free virtual IBAN linked to their MiFinity account. This allows users to send money from any IBAN-enabled bank account to their eWallet with ZERO deposit fees.

To find out more visit:

MiFinity Affiliates

MiFinity Bonus


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