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Meta updates privacy policy

Social media giant Meta has updated its privacy policy to better detail how they share and use collected data in line with international privacy regulations and user feedback. This is expected to affect Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram.

As they themselves said in a statement: “Our goal with this update is to be more clear about our data practices; one way we’ve done this is through additional details and examples throughout. At Meta, we’ve always set out to build personalized experiences that provide value without compromising your privacy. So, it’s on us to have strong protections for the data we use and be transparent about how we use it.”

This updated privacy policy comes into effect in July, with plenty of prompts and explanations being offered to users beforehand so that they understand the changes that will be made to their accounts and privacy settings.

Meta is also making updates to post-level settings. This will help to make it easier for users to control who can view the content that they push out on Facebook.

All of these are really helping to improve the privacy landscape across Facebook and Meta’s other platforms. In doing so, users will have greater control over their privacy when using these social medias.

Affiliates should also check out these terms and conditions to understand these platforms fully, and how their content can best be optimised to reach their audience whilst bearing policy changes and updates in mind.

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