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Meta to launch Business Certification badges on Facebook

Facebook is offering marketers another way to showcase their expertise in business and social media management on the site. Meta is launching Business Certification badges which will allow brands and businesses to showcase their expertise, which could be very handy in the social media space when it comes to marketing.

There are five different business certifications available:

  • Meta Media, Certified Company
  • Meta Marketing Science, Certified Company
  • Meta Creative Strategy, Certified Company
  • Meta Community Management, Certified Company
  • Meta Spark, Certified Company

In order to gain a business certification badge, at least 20% of your employees will need to take a respective Blueprint training and you can then apply for official recognition from Meta.

As explained by Meta: “A Meta Certified Company is a company or organization that is recognized for their advanced expertise on the Meta Platform. For the first time, we’re offering Certification at the Organizational level, awarded to companies who achieve a threshold of individual Meta Blueprint certifications in specific focus areas.”

“Once you are confirmed as a Certified Company, you will receive the following: confirmation of your achievement, your credential, guidance on bragging rights, and a trophy to display in your company office.”

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