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Meta sees 100 million new Threads users

Last week, Meta launched its Threads app in several major global markets. Since then, reports have revealed that as many as 100 million new Threads users have signed up for the new platform.

This stat means Threads is one of, if not the number one fastest growing app of all time, an impressive feat in today’s oversaturated social media world.

Threads’ popularity can, in part, be attributed to its direct link to Instagram. When users download the app, they can create a profile and log in instantly using their existing Instagram credentials. What’s more, Threads will also transfer over followers and following lists to make it easier for people to connect straight away.

Another key to Threads’ success could be ongoing controversies at Twitter, which has stumbled from scandal to scandal since Elon Musk’s takeover last year. Threads could be the perfect solution for Twitter users looking for a new micro-blogging platform where content moderation is stricter and hate speech is not tolerated.

Functionally, Threads is very similar to Twitter. It allows users to publish short posts, called Threads, with a 500-character limit. Other users can like, reply, or quote these Threads, much like functions available on Twitter.

However, Threads does not have a trending section or the ability to search for specific topics. It does not have the option for users to message each other privately, either. Given that the app is so new, these features could well be added in the coming weeks or months.

At its launch, Threads saw an influx of brands, influencers, and celebrities who all created accounts and started posting content straight away. However, as of yet, Threads does not have any advertisements.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that they are first focusing on reaching 1 billion users, and from there they will explore monetisation options.

Advertisers have been leaving Twitter in droves due to a rise in hate speech and toxic content. Threads could be perfectly poised to hoover up these defectors and stake a claim as the new king of the microblogging world.

What does this mean for affiliate marketers and influencers? Any new social media platform is big news, and when it’s one as big and as rapidly growing as Threads, with the power of Instagram behind it, all marketers and content creators should be paying attention.

While paid ads aren’t yet an option on Threads, the platform is seeing incredible levels of engagement, with upwards of 190 million likes recorded in the first 24 hours. This is an impressive stat and is a clear indication that Threads should be taken seriously.

Organic marketing is the only viable approach to Threads at the moment, but with ads to come in the near future, all marketers and influencers should establish a presence on the platform and start building a following.

Instagram didn’t have ads to begin with and is now of the most valuable tools for digital marketers. If Threads becomes even half as successful as Instagram, marketers and influencers must ensure they are prepared to incorporate the platform into their marketing strategies and campaigns.

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