Meta launches new features to rival TikTok

For quite some time now it has been known that Instagram and Facebook are struggling to keep up with the popularity and growth of rival social media platform TikTok. With its short form content and creators who are arguably more ‘real,’ many users have moved over to TikTok as their main channel of choice for its fun and carefree feeling. In an attempt to keep up Meta has just launched a range of new features across Facebook and Instagram in an attempt to capture back the Gen-Z and millennial markets.

New features will include:

So, should affiliates and affiliate marketers be jumping ship to TikTok altogether or work with these new updates from Meta? Insider Intelligence principal analyst Jasmine Enberg had this to say about how Instagram can fight back:

“TikTok is surging in popularity for influencer marketing, but it’s still nowhere near Instagram in terms of spending or marketer adoption. That’s in part due to the higher prices Instagram creators charge for content, but also because of its wide array of content formats, most of which are now shoppable. Still, Instagram is trying to be more like TikTok so that it can attract smaller creators, which TikTok is known for. That’s key for Instagram to retain its lead in the influencer marketing space, especially as many creators on TikTok now boast follower counts that rival or surpass those on Instagram and YouTube.”

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