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Meta is expanding ad targeting preferences tools for teens

Meta is launching new restrictions on how teens are targeted by ads on its apps. With new ad preferences control options that allow teens to opt out of ad topics, users can have more control over who targets them with their paid for advertising.

The features are twofold: ad targeting limits remove interests and activity as parameters for young audiences will also now remove gender as an option to target teens, as gender targeting reinforces cultural bias to a degree. Meta is also removing in-app engagement, such as liking or following Instagram profiles or Facebook pages, as a measurable source for marketers to inform what advertisements teens see. All of this can be controlled from Meta’s Ad Preferences Tool in any of its apps.

As said by Meta: “Age and location will be the only information about a teen that we’ll use to show them ads. Age and location help us continue to ensure teens see ads that are meant for their age and products and services available where they live.”

“Starting in March, teens will have more ways to manage the types of ads they see on Facebook and Instagram with Ad Topic Controls, expanding on what’s already available. Teens will be able to go to their Ad Preferences within Settings on both apps, and choose ‘See Less’ or ‘No Preference’ to further control the types of ads they see.”

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