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#AIBootcamp2018: Marcos Oliveira on the challenges for smaller affiliates

This year, we’ve invited successful iGaming Affiliate entrepreneur Marcos Oliveira,  Chief Affiliate Officer at Clever Advertising Group, to join our expert line up at Affiverse Bootcamp. Marcos will be sharing his entrepreneurial journey with delegates in the hope that they can learn from some of the business experiences he’s had.

Affiverse: Tell us bit about your experience and background and what affiliates will be able to learn from your session? 

Marcos Oliveira: I have started in this industry about 10 years ago with the boom of poker in Portugal as a online professional player and soon enough I realised that variance was huge part of the game and I wanted to be on a less risk part of the industry so I  created my first affiliate business around Poker players, after success and failure I switched sides to a gaming operator and learned and grown my experience and know-how from department to department, after a few years was time to go back home and join the already big Clever Advertising and take it to the moon.

In my session, I hope to be able to show my experiences in the industry and share some of the pitfalls we’ve overcome with my colleagues to showcase opportunities that each affiliate can take advantage of – in order to grow.

AI: What have you found are the biggest challenges that small entrepreneurs or solopreneurs like iGaming affiliates face in terms of understanding how to drive traffic in online channels and grow their business to keep up with future trends? 

MO: The real problem for small affiliates starting out is that when they start to increase a lot of traffic and think that their job is done when their work starts to pay off, that is when their real job actually starts. With more traffic you need to start focusing on increasing visitor engagement, original content, relevant content, new and less crowed markets to investment, take absolute advantage of traffic that you were actually not focusing on and monetise it. Driving traffic it’s that amazing work of SEO, Social Media, Email, SMS, Paid Media that you need to do to be able to get the traffic that in the end you start to convert in real money players.

AI: What do you think the future of Affiliate Marketing looks like and what can the delegates attending the event expect to find answers to – what trends are you seeing?

MO: Its time for the affiliates to get out their comfort zone and start to expand their business in other markets and securing their relationships with their partners so they are not side blinding when the industry that you invest so much thinks that you are more expendable. Affiliates in the end have to realise that are a channel for the operators acquisition and not operators only hope to success, diversification and deals balancing to you can secure short and long term revenues.

AI: How is your business currently bucking the trend to expand and innovate current digital marketing trends

MO: The look and feel on our daily operations is always expand expand expand, everyone keeps saying that Scandinavian, British, German gambling industry is saturated I just want to let everyone know that we have 195 countries so there is still a lot of room to grow and make money as an affiliate.

AI: Why are you participating at Affiverse’s Bootcamp  – and what do you hope to get out of attending this exclusive affiliate event?

MO: Everyone always think that no one should attend affiliate-affiliate events because everyone is afraid of sharing their industry secrets, the reality is you learn a lot by networking with your peers and sharing the daily struggles and success of our business. When I attend these events all I want to do is to network with as many people as I can so I can grow my business just by learning from other’s.


There’s still time to register for your seat at the Affiverse bootcamp this year, running alongside the Betting on Football conference 21 March at Stamford Bridge. If you’d like to secure your Affiliate seat click on the banner below. 

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