Matthew Maunder – Genting: How affiliates are driving growth

Affiverse caught up with Matthew Maunder, Affiliate Manager at Genting, to find out more about the firm’s future plans, how affiliates are helping to grow the brand and the new opportunities thrown up by the repeal of PASPA.

Affiverse: Hi Matthew, firstly, what are Genting’s plans for the immediate future? How is the firm innovating in an increasingly competitive market?

Matthew Maunder: Genting is in a fairly unique position in the UK in that they have over 35 retail casinos plus four of the highest profile London casinos in their stable. Inevitably, there is a focus on Multichannel whereby interactive customers are encouraged to trial land based and vice versa. For and the interactive sportsbook, the player preference for mobile and in-App betting has informed the product focus in that direction whilst channel marketing is becoming more integrated and accountable. Ultimately Genting’s UK business is in a fast track growth spurt in which product, operations, marketing and retention teams are all working together with a shared ambition.

AI: In what ways are affiliates helping to grow the brand?

Matthew Maunder: Affiliates are one of our two biggest acquisition channels alongside PPC and ultimately we are investing more time and resources with those affiliates who deliver a greater volume of quality traffic. It’s such a competitive space we are simply trying to twin a great quality product, best in class conversion with competitive deals wrapped up in honest, transparent and mutually beneficial affiliate relationships.

AI: What product features and enhancements do you have that affiliates should know about?

Matthew Maunder: As I said mobile and apps across sports and casino are a big focus right now, for obvious reasons. We’re working on a UX driven ‘mobile first, website at present which should be live in the coming year. Virtual sports are in the pipeline which I know from my past experience can be a great additional vertical. In casino, Genting is famous for its live dealer offering – especially our Roulette Live ‘Dual Play’ tables which are streamed from within our own Resorts World Birmingham and Manchester casinos. In sports, football is always going to be the big one so we have a number of product extensions, especially around in play and we are working on enhancing our racing offering constantly.   

AI: Looking to the future, where do you see opportunities for affiliates emerging?

Matthew Maunder: Operators are always going to look at the KPIs of new funded account volume twinned with Lifetime Value so affiliates that can deliver consistently on both fronts will be able to command the premium when negotiating CPA, Rev Share or hybrid deals.

AI: With the recent repealing of PASPA, does this present expansion opportunities for Genting? If not, how do you feel this change will affect the marketplace? Will it be a frantic rush to gain a foothold in the US for smaller operators and affiliates?

Matthew Maunder: I don’t think it reduces our expansion capability, certainly Genting, like most operators I’d imagine, have scaled back the number of affiliates they work with to allow us to have greater visibility and ensure compliance at all times. But as I said, this means that strategically we are able to give more focus and attention to the affiliates we work with. This is not only a sensible play but ultimately I feel we’ll be able to generate a greater volume of sports and casino players with greater lifetime values. For the affiliates we work with, that spells longer term revenue opportunities with a trusted and growing operating partner, which I’d imagine they’d view in a positive light.

Matthew Maunder is the Affiliate Manager at Genting Casino. You can contact him at [email protected]. To find out more about the Genting Affiliate program please go to Genting Affiliates.

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