A Guide to repurposing content

If you have amazing content and you’ve distributed it once already on your site you probably think that’s all you can do with it. We look at how you can repurpose your great content and use it in new ways. 

Identifying the right content

The first step to repurposing your content is to select the right content to repurpose. Look back in your Google Analytics and on social media for the key facts and figures. Find out which types of content are driving engagement and traffic to your site. This will give you the key metrics to suss out where your efforts for repurposing are best placed. 

Working from there, you can also identify what it was that drove better interaction. Did you create a more engaging title or was the content itself written in a better style? Work to figure out what made this piece great and then you can ensure this remains when you repurpose it. 

Different ways to repurpose your content

There are so many ways to make this amazing content work for you all over again. Let’s start with the basics. If your article was timely, to coincide with a new launch or promotion, then look for the kernels that can be changed into evergreen content. This may only be a few core paragraphs, but you can then build a fresh article around the rest of it.

If you’re reusing this content on site, make sure it’s unique. Don’t just copy and paste, as this will serve to lower your SERPs for duplicate content. This can cause you a penalty, so be sure to paraphrase any content in a unique way. This is where identifying the parts that made it successful comes in handy, as you’ll know what your readers are looking for. 

You can also create video content around your most popular pieces. Videos are only becoming more important and your user may resonate with your brand more should they appear in a branded video. This is a great way to take a great piece of content and give it a much wider reach. 

For affiliates, it’s a brilliant idea to augment reviews and features with a video. These could explain odds, show users around partner sites and more. This gives them more of an idea of what to expect than plain text and the messages in there are more likely to be retained too. 

Infographics, downloadable tips and even slides can also be used to break your content down even further. If you have loads of facts and figures to share, then think about the most attractive ways to do this. If you’re gearing up for the World Cup with a load of great statistics, then an infographic can be a great way to deliver this. 

There are quite a lot of infographic builders out there, if you have the time you can create these for free. Piktochart has plenty of styles and elements that you can use to build up an infographic that suits you. There are some premium features, if you find that this content is effective for your brand then you might wish to make this investment. 

Creating a content hall of fame

Your top pieces should then basically create a content hall of fame. Having these earmarked and working on them long term will allow you to replicate the initial success you had with the piece and build on it. Each time you create a new piece of content, you learn something more about your audience, so keep building on this content. 

Always take the time to stop and assess where your content strategy is taking you. Repurposing this content and making it work for you will allow you to use your efforts on amazing content that will actually bring you results. After all, that’s what the affiliate game is all about!

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