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Massachusetts Gaming Commission votes new sportsbook ad regulations

On Monday, March 27th, the Massachusetts Gaming Commission voted to continue with an exemption to current regulations that will allow affiliate marketers and sports betting operators to keep revenue-sharing agreements. Under this exemption, affiliates can enter into agreements with sportsbooks and send customers to them and be paid in either a CPA model, Cost Per Acquisition, or paid a percentage of the bets placed by that consumer, or revenue sharing.

However, this is exemption is said to only be in effect for sure until the end of April when regulators will once again need to vote on whether to continue or end the exemption.

With the online sports betting Massachusetts market only open for two weeks, the finer details are being ironed out amongst a five-person commission, including voting for all forms of advertising in Massachusetts to include responsible gambling messaging.

On Monday, an editorial in the Boston Globe stated that “there’s good reason to question whether the Massachusetts Gaming Commission is doing all it can and should to protect consumers.”

“As this state adjusts to the new reality of sports betting, it’s important to remember that the industry behind it cares about one thing: maximizing profits by encouraging people to bet their money, whether or not they can afford to lose it.”

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