Marketers distrust TikTok despite promising user interaction

A report from Kantar has shown that exposure from TikTok has nearly doubled this year.

A Media Reactions report from media analytics company, Kantar saw the short-form video app skyrocketing in popularity. This has resulted in an increase of 19% to 37% in exposure to consumers.

Channels that were less proven in the pre-pandemic world made their mark. Online and mobile gaming ads were still said to be the least popular to consumers. However, these methods saw a 5% increase in ad equity.

Marketers are worried

Despite TikTok’s popularity, it hasn’t the reputation to back itself up. It has been shown to be the most innovative place for ads. Despite this, marketers’ trust in the app still lags behind more reputable competitors like YouTube and Google.

However, that gap is closing, with Kantar’s report saying that the company has made “enormous improvements”.

Instagram is still the go-to

There is a slew of new advancements in marketing made since the pandemic. Even so, marketers still show a preference for favourites like Instagram.

Kantar said: “Marketers’ high level of trust in influencers probably reflects a genuine desire for a new type of conversation with consumers and greater comfort with the idea of giving up some elements of control of their brand messaging.”

The report goes on to say that, “It may also reflect the efforts of the influencer industry to ‘grow up,’ with increased regulation, a new breed of agencies and more orderly systems and processes for the creation, scaling and measurement of influencer campaigns.”

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