Mark Wahlberg recruited by Ladbrokes

Mark Wahlberg recruited by Ladbrokes

London-based gambling firm – Ladbrokes – has developed a new marketing campaign in Australia with Mark Wahlberg as the face of the campaign.

The ad

Ladbrokes’ parent company – Entain – selecting Mark Wahlberg has come as no surprise. Entain is known for hiring top Hollywood actors to star in their ad and T.V campaigns such as Danny McBride and Jamie Foxx.

Ladbrokes’ new marketing campaign down under has been carefully created to help save Crown Resorts’ casino near Sydney. The casino has been threatened for some time and is currently estimated at AU$2.2bn (£1.2bn).

Hiring an A-list actor is hoped to bring some popularity to the marketing campaign in Australia. The T.V advert consists of Wahlberg dressed in a white suit and sunglasses while sitting on top of a golf cart. He holds a smartphone that mimics: “Ladbroke it!” Soon, viewers see an explosion in the background as Wahlberg laughs. He takes the role of the new C.E.O of the company – Mike Iceberg. The scene was shot in Australia in late 2020 with Wahlberg adhering to mandatory quarantine guidance.

Ladbrokes’ previous marketing campaigns

The gambling company has been slated for past advertisements. In early February 2021, The Advertising and Standards Authority (ASA) warned Ladbrokes about one of their latest broadcasts. The ASA disapproved stating that the advert “depicted gambling behaviour that was socially irresponsible.” Ladbrokes was quick to diminish these accusations.

The company have been a well-trusted firm in Australia for many years; they are one of the country’s top preferred betting agencies.

For affiliates

Behind the glamourous marketing campaigns, casinos across Australia have been deemed unsuitable for casino licenses by members of the Supreme Court. Affiliates should stay up to date on the current gambling context in Australia. As well as this, affiliates should aim to engage with Ladbrokes’ new marketing campaign as it serves as a platform for great marketing opportunities.

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